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Our first weekly Women.Weed.Work. Cannabis #wcw spotlight goes to Shaleen Title. She is an Indian-American drug policy activist and attorney who currently serves as one of five commissioners on the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission. Described as “the people’s weed watchdog” in Boston Magazine’s 2019 Power List, she has won several awards for her advocacy work and her efforts to make the cannabis industry more fair and inclusive. Shaleen was on the cutting edge of cannabis before it was trending and has worked to serve so much of a grand purpose in the cannabis industry, in particular for women.

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Source: http://www.shaleentitle.com

Queen of Cannabis for those who don’t know

She is literally the Teresa Mendoza of the weed biz. This boss babe is our Monday Motivation at WomenWeedWork. Priscilla Vilchis has changed the way the industry views women in cannabis but particularly Latina’s in cannabis. I can not wait to meet her and get her insight on the future of women in cannabis.

More on the Queen of Weed here!



The worst ‘hug’ ever given

The hug that was ‘felt around the world’ is stirring up some pretty tough emotions. Social media is in a frenzy about the outstanding forgiveness shown by the brother of Botham Jean and Judge Kemp towards Amber Guyger.

Guyger was sentenced to 10 years in prison after being found guilty of murdering Jean while he was in his own apartment.

What are your thoughts on what happened and what would you do if you were Botham Jean’s family member or the presiding judge over the Amber Guyger case?

Are cannabis courses the new Major?

Did I ever think I would be saying Marijuana and college courses in the same sentence? Not at all. Yet somehow the exact same thing your mother warned you about before going to college (ie: weed peer pressure) is now the same thing you can apply to go to college to learn about. Look at me now Mom!

Apparently, cannabis-based college courses are showing up all over the United States at various higher institutions, but it will cost you. The choice will now be whether you will buy the weed or the knowledge of the weed. Either way, I’m good with it. Read on and see if going to cannabis college is for you and get ready to throw your graduation caps up high! (pun intended)

Marijuana courses pop up throughout the US


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Could there be killer weed in your city?

As much as I hate to use the words dangerous and cannabis in the same sentence, I had to. There are some of us that need to be educated on “safe” cannabis smoking habits versus dangerous cannabis smoking habits.

There is nothing hotter than a stoner chic that knows her shit. Catch up with the latest info by clicking the link.

Could there be risks for potential dangerous cannabis in your city?



Will all the weed be shitty in the future?

When you think of the future of cannabis, you think women. We are clearly taking over the cannabis industry one strand at a time but our biggest competitors are not men. It’s the corporations that want to legalize marijuana and have no idea what they’re doing.

In short, these companies are about money not actually producing medical or recreational marijuana that we can enjoy. This means our weed will be poorly grown and monitored, leaving us all with ‘shitty’, or bad weed.

Click the link below and see how Vanity Fair elaborates on this topic.

Shitty Weed For Everyone! 

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